Ah, Christmas! What captivates my soul during this season is th gentle pause it brings, a moment of appreciation, in the hustle and bustle of recipe Searches,gift hunts, travel Plans 

Christmas day in Oxford Letter Form the Editor

you name it we dive into a dance of geeting ready, but boy does our hard work turn into a beautiful melody there is magic the unfolds 

that unfolds when family and friends converge in shred laughter and love, creation an indescribale warmth within my heart. these are the moments of pure joy that I eagerly wait all year!

in this issu, Allyson paints a vivid portait of the renowned 'hear' of Oxford, unraveling the rich and enchanting history of the Lafayette Country Courthouse.. 

Then, Elizabeth graciously invites us into the culinary haven of Brooke Ferguson, the new custodian of what one was 'The Cakery'. 

In John Cofield's captivation "Christmas past in Oxford", immereses us in the nostalgic warmth of oxford's festive Charm. 

As we draw the curtain on this edition, My wish is for you to immerse yourself in its pages, to find resonance in those fleeting moments, and most importantly to pause.